Cancer patients are subjected to a hail of latest medical treatments - surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, secretion therapy, etc. How utile are these? Like in casino sporting - umteen patrons proved their fate and more than a few win but umteen much mislaid. At the end of the day, the title holder is the Establishment! Don't get me improper. The "business" of solidification malignant tumor does send out winners. Some circulating methods of behaviour are intensely utilitarian and life-saving. But more habitually both treatments are basically unqualified dangerous, if we consideration to see or know what had truly happened.

A assessment of medical piece of writing seems to signify that CHEMOTHERAPY - the use of toxin drugs for bloodbath metastatic tumor cells in the body, appears to many a authors are "barbaric", time others cognizance that they are not potent at all.

The hot mag in Germany, Der Spiegel of 4 October 2004, had an nonfictional prose entitled: "Giftkur ohne Nutzen" translated as "The Useless Poisonous Cures." The nonfiction explicit that "increasingly cultured and costly living thing poisons are mortal given to in earnest ill patients ... patients do not in actual fact unrecorded a day longer."

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Wolfgang Wrasidlo, controller of remedy development, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California was quoted to have said: "Everybody knows that our offering malignant tumor drugs are crappy."

Barry Sears, journalist of Enter the Zone wrote: "The surviving treatments for malignant tumor are in all likelihood the best barbaric in neo medicine."

Dr. Jeffrey Tobias, medical institution manager of the Meyerstein Institute of Oncology, UK, (in the book: Cancer) said: "It is ... shocking how frequently the ruling of: preliminary do no unhealthiness is ignored". Sometimes oncologists use therapy randomly beside "no acquittal other than than the physician's yearn for to do something." Such remark is indeed perplexing. Does it aim that in the onetime or even now, therapy has been in use on patients indiscriminately?

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Dr. Urich Abel, an grand German academician at the University of Heidelberg finished that:
(in Der Spiegel 33:174-176. 1990): "For most of today's undisputed congealed cancer, the ones that motivation 90% of the malignant neoplastic disease deaths both yr - breast, lung, colon, rectum, skin, liver, duct gland and bladder -chemotherapy has never been proved to do any dutiful at all."

Dr. Ralph Moss, laid-off from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for telltale the truth, has inscribed books and many articles on chemotherapy - e.g., Questioning Chemotherapy, Cancer Industry, etc. According to Dr. Moss "chemotherapy on average doesn't cure malignant neoplasm or broaden existence. It does not restructure the trait of patient's time any. On the contrary it can "greatly diminish the part of being."

Albert Braverman, a professor of medical specialty at the State University of New York, USA, wrote: "Many medical oncologists advise therapy for virtually any tumour, near a brightness undeterred by most invariable failures" (Lancet, April 1991.337:901).

Johan Bjorksten from the University of Wisconsin, USA, wrote: "Chemotherapy unsocial destroys the status set of contacts further than a tine ... which increases the hazard for hasty loss from infections and otherwise cancers in these immunologically nude group." (in J. Bjorksten, JAB Pulb., 1978, pg. 22, Charleston, S.C).

Dr. Richard Evans (in his book: The Cancer Breakthrough You've Never Heard Of) wrote: "Patients should construe that chemotherapy is of smaller windfall for ... solid tumors. Every time period thousands of citizens withstand nephrotoxic on the side personalty ... and get little, if any, plus."

Dr. W. John Diamond & Associates, message in the order of formal learned profession physiotherapy for malignant tumor said: "The supposed happening of mainstream malignant neoplastic disease nurture is oftentimes unreal. There is no determinate ... attestation or collection demonstrating long booming outcomes or valid rates of remissions to sanction these practices."

Dr. John Lee & Associates wrote (in their book: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer): "Some therapy does draw out duration for a few months, but by and large at the elevated damage of annihilating edge personalty. The use of chemotherapy is strictly a put money on... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it makes things worse."

In the fluffy of the preceding interpretation by multiple experts I grain that cancer patients obligation to empower themselves. In the mark of fairness, I cognizance that anyone who is to undergo any interfering coverage procedures such as as chemotherapy MUST be provided beside adequate and honest news so that he would be able to conclude for himself what is top-quality for him. Unfortunately, some patients who came to see us were disappeared not conversant or markedly some insensible of what they were in for - the cards were not set out for them. Sometimes they were even misinformed.

Without any subject matter to any soul or profession, I have to spike out that one markedly necessary tactical manoeuvre that has to be understood is to hope the correctness about the incumbent treatments for metastatic tumor. Let us exploration all the documents procurable and let us ask these questions and brainstorm honest, nonaligned answers. For all the surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy (and separate drugs) that have been administered to patients:

1. How masses patients have been cured?

2. How many an have benefited from the treatments?

3. What are the benefits and at what cost?

4. How various died?

5. How frequent survived after one, two, three, v or ten old age after the treatments?

6. How abundant siffered metastases of the liver, bone, lungs, etc.?

7. Is location any correlation betwixt the treatments they accepted and the metastases that occurred?

Unfortunately, such as answers rest slippery and not sociable. The strategy to hang on in this moneymaking cancer-treatment-business is to be as non-committal near the concrete facts - be as inaccurate and ambivalent as practicable in tally to putt up a trick first of "I-know-all" emblem.

"You patients don't ask too masses questions. I am the one who cognize world-class and you honourable trail my advice."

Let me end with this quotation:

"None are so snow-blind as those who have thought and see not;

and no are so hearing-impaired as those who have ears and perceive not."

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