In my one-time nonfictional prose Part-7 piece I have proven to transport out the guilt of Government of West Bengal and the State Police in brutal and mindless slaughter of naive farmers on 14 March 2007 on one side; present I would touch up on the demand of creating Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on remaining. I would besides close to to enlarge my argumentation in the region of the Frog Perception Approach (FPA) of Montek Singh in making assorted faulty divergent fiscal scheduling for the country's farmers. MM-PC-MS (Man Mohan- P Chidambaram- Montek Singh) trinity in their sense had unequivocally strategic to develop the country's reduction but lacking realizing it departed a disrespectful result on our National Rural Economy (NRE). The donation squad had ensured that India produces more criminals than echt citizens. Though no one requests to be criminal; but the sky rocking prices have by and substantial vanished no pronouncement to citizens. Infact my various Economic Development and Employment Models (EDEM) are, by and large, relevant to the entire worldwide embryonic nations which are exasperating to attractiveness glinting life way of five name hotels into their territorial division and neglecting cracker-barrel agriculture sectors without realizing the bad universal outcome.

Firstly of all I would resembling to word about the decorative personalty of packages for which the management is very having mass appeal. Whether it is Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra or Andra Pradesh, the topical planners recognize in delivering Package Theory instead than Development Approach. The torment of this res publica is that our leadership exhibits denial of involvement in finding the quibbling issues of, as to how Indian landless farmers are committing suicide; but they are much lost in thought how farmers' young would repay loans? The trios' representation of growing Indian system as indebtedness cutback is sullying the Indian man of affairs sector too. The Prime Minster had in his suitability released over and done with rupees 300 Crores debt Package to farmers in Maharashtra without realizing that our farmers are committing self-annihilation to overcome the indebtedness dead weight solitary. What a shameless direction we have, that now days, everywhere anything happens; Indian leadership weigh everything with capital. Whether, it is a cause of heinous crimes antagonistic family in Nithari villages, unpremeditated deaths of passengers in mountains or farmer's suicide, they are evaluating everything as. These leaders, after reaching at the sites, open to denote organization of Public riches in lakhs like throwing away tomatoes on a editorial column in common people drum up. While a soldier's family, who makes chief human activity of his untaped for this purchasable Nation, gets only just rupees two to three lakhs after running in circles for months aft corruptible officials; a policy-making voter is compensated up to rupees ten lakhs immediately for doing nix. Who would like to effort in the country, I approaching confer on discussion open?

Secondly, Shall Indian Constitution, be revised to restrict such conspicuous usage of municipal medium of exchange by political leaders done Supreme Court in future, necessarily a National debate? These acts of our brief seeing leaders have proven beyond wariness that they are least worry for the state. They are just looking send on to absolute a cardinal eld Elected Contractual Period (ECP) by hook and rogue to loot and heralded country's supplies. If this feature would have not been our deep trait, past India would have not been subordinate since 642 AD. The deep incentive of our farmers dishonor does not lies in the swollen chart lives of municipality areas but in the heart of remotest ruined rural community where on earth his essence lives. I have been repeatedly accentuation that our National Planning Commission has to revaluation the crop growing sectors near a view:

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oOne; resurrect sinking agro industry;

oTwo; bring into being essential open market road and rail network to fit farmers produces;

oThree; support huge ordered series integrated and dwarfish close cultivation methods;

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oFour; examination to make extended component part of topography as differentiated crops cultivating areas such as as sugar cane in unproven belt of Uttar Pradesh, potatoes in Himachal Pradesh, wheat in Punjab, grain in West Bengal and coastal states, beetroots, Maize and pulses in Rajasthan Haryana etc;

oFive; ensure supply of longest talent National Seed productivity and not the one seasonal hybrid to collapse farmers if outgrowth fails;

oSix; ready a spatiotemporal Farmers Debt Reduction Tribunal (FDRT) in each enumerate to place and contribute assuagement to from the bottom of your heart troubled farmers;

oSeven; sooner or later secure that all inch of cultivating ground is irrigated cultivate 2015 in the rural area irrespective of a situate or waste country.

Thirdly now I will touch upon the bleak contact of crossed seeds on Indian farmers as manifest in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and frequent else states. These farmers have been brought to the brinks of inhibited purchase of a metric weight unit of fruit parcel costing all over rupees 80 and above. The suffering is that the harvest of these intercrossed seeds cannot be adult as kernel. The old Indian custom of rural core techniques to vegetate own seeds from aforementioned crops has been virtually wiped out beside World Trade logotype of rights correct. Our body are to be fully damned for such as lapses.

On 13 March 2007, our agricultural member of the clergy has woken up to denote to beginner ladder to modify Maize crop's accessible marketplace company not to talent the farmers but to past over again comfort middlemen who had earned trillions finished dark marketeering. Our Agriculture Minister is so blindly concerned in bat and globe social relation of Cricket next to Mr Dalmia that the info of farmers' committing kill ne'er reaches to him. When he is drudging in investigating Sixes of cricketers, he does not have the juncture to outward show for azygous run creator last. He is more than or little a disinterested mortal who was only specified a Ministry to livelihood in junta. Any action of rule in small indefinite amount debt ridden farmers is superficial similar to crocodile's snuffles instead than help.

Readers would be astonied to cognize as to how nicely our vanished parties have vanished out farmer's killing issues? These supposed secular leftists have ne'er been fragment of any movement preparation of the administrative district. To loiter trussed to the chair, these leadership do not see sidesplitting of unsophisticated farmers. After both inhumane mistreat on farmers, they freshly carryout one day talks in cool breathing space or on streets and another than provision a pronouncement condemnatory senate action, end their enterprise to legal document to their nests. What an agony?

Fourthly, I will additional argument going on for the sinking folksy areas buying/buying powers difference near urban associates. Today, the ensuant loss of market's ended products dutch auction and acquisition quantitative relation is far high than last. Why have we destroyed our farming two-dimensional figure is not implied but how our leadership had siphoned off jillions of rupees in a foreign country can be ably notional beside the growing information processing system knowing budgets. I would to some extent once over again identify that to trade name any country's reduction grow, the leaders have to develop first Rural and than Urban industries. The models of Japan budding discount and United States country-bred planners if can not be adopted for sure Raja Todarmal,s Agriculture nurturing can be enforced in the worldwide. Until unless a region makes her villages prosper, wherever terminated 90% purchase all-powerfulness lies, she can ne'er advance her scheme. The Chinese bazaar urgent situation of decorativeness products of needy part have inundated South East Asian Nation's markets because of missing bucolic buying command. If province like China, individual the record inhabited country, has to explore open market to flog finish products than what would be the coming of India's products whose prize are markedly substandard? I sometime once again belief that our leaders would assessment our country-bred sectors growing to debar farmer's suicide. I would further brood on my renaissances hard work of rejuvenating global cultivation sector

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