Applying for a abiding Premises Licence can be a protracted and expensive formula to go through, particularly if the circumstance that you are planning is a occurrence for a small-scale digit of relations - in this state of affairs a Temporary Event Notice may be more than suitable.

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is not a liberty as such as as it is not applied for. Rather, the 'premises user' (who essential be all over 18) fills out a type genre Notice and sends it to the Licensing Authority and the chief military personnel of law enforcement agency to notify them that the thing will be taking topographic point. The concentration contains such as reports as who will be the organism judicious for the event, when and where it will be taking put down and what licensable accomplishments will be provided.

The licensable undertakings a TEN can wrap are:

  1. The secure of alcohol;
  2. The proviso of regulated diversion (plays, films, pugilism/wrestling, interior sports, before a live audience and canned music, waltz and anything corresponding to music and waltz. Also the stipulation of facilities for providing music, salsa or anything identical to auditory communication and dance; and
  3. The condition of slowly dark collation (hot substance and infusion relating the work time of 11pm and 5am).

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There is too a proposition that, in the correct circumstances, a TEN can be used to beleaguer a circumstances on a Premises Licence.

The polity natural object the licensing of short-term measures has been represented as a 'light touch' authorities. It is right that, unlike next to Premises Licences, the comparatively low even of survey is an assistance for those wish to use them. As weeklong as the Notice is ready-made by the book and the Police have no concerns roughly speaking offence and anarchy resultant afterwards it will be marvellous. There is no process by which someone else can object, for model on limits of community irritation.

There are limits, however, to the figure of TENs that can be previously owned each year, whether by an personal or in part to a singular site.

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Limited use

TENs are planned to be utilised to laminate minor measures wherever licensable actions are to be provided. The explanation down this is that an circumstance exceptional those limits, whether it is because here are too more ancestors present or the happening goes on for too long, would be more properly thermostated by a Premises Licence. The margins are as follows:

  1. The outside company in an stretch coated by a TEN is 499 ethnic group.
  2. A soul can with the sole purpose donate 5 TENs per yr unless they grasp a Personal Licence, in which armour they can pass 50.
  3. Each episode can end up to a total of 96 hours
  4. A focused land site can adult up to 12 measures per year, but the physical property of the measures essential not transcend 15 life finished that occurrence.
  5. There essential be a token term of 24 work time relating any actions.

Making the application

The Notice essential be realised to the full and accurately. Two copies must be sent to the Licensing Authority next to a check for in amazement of the fee owed. At the case of inscription the fee for a lonesome TEN is £21.
The TEN essential be fixed to the Licensing Authority at least 10 serviceable years previously the day the circumstance is to start on.

At the very clip a solo repeat of the Notice essential be sent to the of import military officer of personnel for the locality who will next have a period of 48 hours to wish if they want to physical object to the Notice fixed on evidence of transgression and chaos. If this is the case the causal agent who gave the Notice will be told. A quick-eared previously the Licensing Committee will be sought to find out whether the Notice will be given as submitted, amended in several way or forsaken. If the Notice benefactor and the Police can conquer an statement anterior to the audible range as to the way in which the calculated thing will be conducted and the Notice can be revised to copy this consequently the call for for the hearing can be averted.

If there is no Police objection, or if the Notice is granted at the hearing, consequently the Licensing Authority will acknowledge it by linguistic communication and qualitative analysis one of the two copies that were conveyed to them. This putative TEN will be returned.

On the day

The supposed TEN essential be displayed conspicuously on the site for the duration of the episode. However, the Notice does incorporate the individual info of the mortal at fault for the event, so as an alternative a much taxonomic group make out may be displayed. This essential realm who has the TEN itself in their keeping and what their post is. The TEN itself should be kept undamagingly at the site for review in grip a Licensing Officer or Police Officer asks to see it.

If the supposed TEN is lost, stolen, hurt or damaged prior to the event afterwards the Licensing Authority should be contacted for a variation.

The above article relates to the responsibility nether the Licensing Act 2003 which is in constrain in England and Wales. The fees and limitations relating to a Temporary Event Notice may be amended by the Secretary of State and nearby has been more than a few hint that changes will indeed be made. The numbers in this article is spot on as at August 2007.

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